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Sustainable Living

From its inception, the developers of 2500 Smallman set out to create a one of a kind living space based on sustainable concepts, materials and design. A community that's environmentally aware with neighbors sharing similar values. 2500 Smallman represents the next concept in city living, and you're meant to be a part of it.

The Architect

Guided by the creative architectural vision of Desmone Architects, 2500 Smallman promises a startling transformation unlike anything ever seen in Pittsburgh – as a structure with humble roots blossoms into the city’s most unique residential community.

The Builder

Guardian Construction Management Services brings its longstanding legacy of high-quality, on-budget building expertise to 2500 Smallman, meeting the aesthetic and environmental requirements of the region, as well as the specific tailored requests of each individual homeowner.

The Realtor

2500 Smallman epitomizes the idea of a "city home," and that makes Darla Jobkar at Northwood Realty Services the perfect realtor to represent this breakthrough concept. No other area real estate firm knows the city, or what makes Pittsburgh such a wonderful place to call home, than Northwood.