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2500 Smallman is truly unlike any other residential option in Pittsburgh and the response proves it. Here’s some recent news boasting these unique city homes and the thriving neighborhood they're nestled in.

City of Pittsburgh at Night

Curbside cafes pulsate with the beats of a live salsa band; athletes training for a marathon breeze down city corridors on a daily, evening run; cars form a steady rivulet of traffic while they wait to enter parking garages in the theater district; as the sun sets, people gather at the fountain overlooking the river while a drummer syncopates the night with a heartbeat that beckons a new spring. This isn’t New York, Chicago, or New Orleans:

Tiny is Tempting Young Buyers

Every trend, be it design, fashion, or music has had an antidote just waiting 180 degrees away. Chintz and Victorian revival replaced by Mid-century modern design; Marilyn Monroe silhouettes replaced by Twiggy types; original punk rock ushering in the big-haired 80's pop revolution, and the list goes on and on.

3 Crossings - Live, Work and Everything Else

3 Crossings is an 11-acre mixed-use development ideally situated along Smallman and Railroad streets, bound by 25th and 29th streets in the vibrant and eclectic Strip District neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Check out 3 Crossings
Coming in the Spring of 2016: The Yards
located in the 3 Crossings Development.

Well-mannered Real Estate Agent

In the age of reality TV shows where EVERYONE has lost their sense of propriety, teen singing sensations glorifying their misdemeanors, and etiquette being thrown out the window with real manners and ethics, it’s no surprise that the sense of entitlement and disregard has crept over into the real estate industry as well.