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2500 Smallman is truly unlike any other residential option in Pittsburgh and the response proves it. Here’s some recent news boasting these unique city homes and the thriving neighborhood they're nestled in.

2500 Smallman

There’s no denying that Pittsburgh is one of the very best cities to live, as evidenced by the repeated top rankings given to us by reputable, national publishing and lifestyle titans, but as the market grew more competitive and more transplants flocked here to live, some developers and architects believed that more city options

Strip Population Exploding

There's a place in the City of Pittsburgh where the population is exploding. The Strip District has tripled in population in the past 15 years, and it's expected to double in the next couple of years. When you think of the Strip District,


2500 Smallman Courtyard

Anybody skeptical that Chuck and Kristen Hammel’s 2500 Smallman residential development, featuring 11 luxury city homes all priced for $1.2 million and up, would never be more that pretty architectural drawings may need to think again.


2500 Smallman Street

In 2007, Chuck and Kristen Hammel took a leap in the dark. They gambled on a market for a new kind of city living — high-end loft apartments in the Strip District — and were part of the group that turned the decaying Armstrong Cork Company building into the Cork Factory Lofts. It couldn’t have gone much better: the 297 luxury rental units are all full and with a long waiting list for occupancy.