There’s no denying that Pittsburgh is one of the very best cities to live, as evidenced by the repeated top rankings given to us by reputable, national publishing and lifestyle titans, but as the market grew more competitive and more transplants flocked here to live, some developers and architects believed that more city options were exactly what our spectacular town was missing. Over the last decade, we’ve seen luxury condos and apartments erected in the Golden Triangle and extending as far out as Lawrenceville, but not until now has our city touted an inventory of true “downtown homes.” Meet 2500 Smallman, where Pittsburgh city living has met a new standard.

Reasons abound as to why the new luxury city homes at 2500 Smallman are ideal for individuals looking to downsize or enjoy more conveniently-located living. For starters, the layout and design (Desmone & Associates Architects) make it easy to transition from suburban living to its urban counterpart; the location is idyllic because it’s built around the natural landscape of the downtown riverbank and waterscape. The interior of the building forms a piazza, just like one would find in high-end apartment buildings in major European cities, and the plan includes green space and gardening capabilities. A boardwalk traverses the length of the units, too, allowing a manmade “bridge” of sorts to span the property as a boardwalk would along any sea or riverfront.

Location is so important in real estate, as we all know, and 2500 Smallman is no exception. The hustle and bustle of downtown isn’t far away, and the view from these city homes is unprecedented because it includes the amazing waterways that fed the industry of this historic district. Thanks to the materials used (many of which are original to the steel industry, like the steel framing and exterior brick shell) there’s a historic, genuine air about these homes. For those looking to downsize from a suburban lot, this is a gentler transition for many. To leave a traditional brick home with a little green space to move to a high-rise with glitzy, shiny materials and ultra-modern exteriors might be a bit jarring for those wanting to retain a touch of natural elements in their new, urban lifestyle.

The beauty of 2500 Smallman is that it’s not really "downsizing" in the sense that many would originally think. Oftentimes, “downsizing” is accompanied by that split-second thought of “downgrading.” Not so! The LEED-certified, energy-efficient appliances, the abundance of glass allowing natural light, and the uniqueness of each unit (most are multi-storied with multi-car garages…who said “downsizing” meant “small?” Not us!) provides more character than any other Pittsburgh condo or apartment can. By virtue of the fact that these were built to be urban “houses,” 2500 Smallman is the ultimate answer for those looking to be in the pulse of downtown without the distractions that accompany it. The river, the vibrancy of the Strip District, the convenience of business and culture, and the cutting-edge design that is 2500 Smallman has elevated Pittsburgh living to new heights right here on some spectacular, solid ground.