The "L" Word and Premier Urban Living

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a whopping 73% of buyers considered commuting costs as a deal breaker in their decision to buy in a particular area, beat out only by 85% who considered cooling/heating costs. What's this mean for those living in suburbs in homes too large to heat effectively, or those who endure daily traffic to and from work? It means that they're now considering lifestyle over location. You must be thinking I've written that incorrectly because I’ve mentioned “location,” the age-old adage of every real estate broker, agent, and professional since the dawning of man, but anymore, locations which allow buyers to have a better "lifestyle," are what folks want. In other words, if a home is located in a place that limits commuting costs/time, and gives greater accessibility to entertainment, shopping, work, school, and retail sources, then the "location" is desirable, despite if trends in the past indicated that living farther away from such sources was ideal. This is how builders became extremely successful at luring people away from the city and towards plans and subdivisions that required longer commuting times and greater travel to meet basic needs—it was simply marketing, not an accurate measure of how this would negatively, or positively, impact buyers' lives.

Decades later, the population is realizing that with higher utility costs, expensive parking, longer commutes, and more traffic (more people own cars now than in the previous decades), that the American norm of living on the fringes is in fact a hindrance to their pocketbook and lifestyle. There's less time to enjoy one's family, friends, hobbies, and cultural events. Luckily, 2500 Smallman has created a solution...

2500 Smallman: a premier urban residence in the Strip District that is the pinnacle of urban luxury and convenience. If you're in the 85% concerned about utilities/energy conservation, 2500 Smallman is LEED-possible (each unit has different options for energy-saving conveniences), and if you're in the 75% worried about commuting time, brush off your walking shoes and bicycle because it's a hop, skip, and a jump to the professional and entertainment/cultural districts of downtown and the North Shore. Swap the mantra of "location, location, location," for "lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle," and see how 2500 Smallman can make your dream a reality.