Tiny is Tempting Young Buyers

Every trend, be it design, fashion, or music has had an antidote just waiting 180 degrees away. Chintz and Victorian revival replaced by Mid-century modern design; Marilyn Monroe silhouettes replaced by Twiggy types; original punk rock ushering in the big-haired 80's pop revolution, and the list goes on and on. So, what of the 5,000 square foot home hunters looking to shame the Joneses with four integral garages, screening rooms, and observatories? Well, they're being replaced by earth-concerned, aesthetically streamlined, and budget conscious buyers who are looking for more from "less" of a home.

Home Away From Home

For those who love to travel for leisure and experience, or for those who need to be on the road for work, home can be a friend or a foe. Friend if it requires little maintenance and costs can be kept low while absent; foe if it means that cleaning staff, house-sitters, and utility costs are going to prohibit one from leaving when necessary or causing stress while one is off the grid. With so many individuals working remotely, traveling the world is now very possible, and probable, for the younger generations. The "world is their home," and the actual house itself is simply a place to relax between experiences.

Lessons Learned

New buyers are learning from their predecessors' mistakes. Whereas the last few decades have been about more, more, more, it has come with consequences. Always financial, usually emotional, there's a price to pay for always wanting bigger, better, and faster. In the face of a few very dramatic economic incidents since the early 2000s, people have decided that rearranging their priorities were in order. This includes living a simpler life so that debts and loans can be paid off faster. It means some people choose to save more of their money than they spend, eschewing suburban palaces that have more rooms than holidays in a year to use them. And lastly, some have happily decided that choosing to live by oneself needn't mean kissing home ownership goodbye. Small, but mighty has become the battle cry for those looking to escape the rat race, social expectations, and the responsibilities that accompany owning a large property.

Daring to Be Different

Let's face it: some people simply love a challenge. It tickles them to figure out a way to make something new work. These are the designers, the innovators, the dreamers who love a new way of doing things. Tiny homes can be amazingly design-savvy, eco-friendly, and smart. Imagine fitting a work space, living space, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, and bedroom in 800 square feet with minimal foundational elements. It’s a challenge, and some people can’t resist to be on the precipice of change. At the end of the day, we'd be nowhere without those plucky individuals who fancy the possibilities over what's always been. Like they always say, good things come in small packages.